BerkeleyGW is licensed under a modified BSD license included with the package. Users may modify and share the source as is consistent with the license.

However, for record keeping purposes, in order to download BerkeleyGW from this site, registration is required. We also ask that you please cite the following papers when using results obtained from the BerkeleyGW package:

  • Mark S. Hybertsen and Steven G. Louie, "Electron correlation in semiconductors and insulators: Band gaps and quasiparticle energies," Phys. Rev. B 34, 5390 (1986)
  • Michael Rohlfing and Steven G. Louie, "Electron-hole excitations and optical spectra from first principles," Phys. Rev. B 62, 4927 (2000)
  • Jack Deslippe, Georgy Samsonidze, David A. Strubbe, Manish Jain, Marvin L. Cohen, and Steven G. Louie, "BerkeleyGW: A Massively Parallel Computer Package for the Calculation of the Quasiparticle and Optical Properties of Materials and Nanostructures," Comput. Phys. Commun. 183, 1269 (2012) (

Papers #1 and #3 should be cited when discussing quasiparticle properties, and papers #2 and #3 should be cited when discussing optical properties.